Create a new test

  1. Click the 'tests' tab
  2. Click the purple 'create a new test' button.

Change test's name, subject and grade

  1. Click on the test's title to edit it
  2. Click on the MA and 03 to change the test's subject and grade - make sure your test's subject and grade matches the subject and grade of your class(es).
  3. Click on the purple 'Add another item' button to add questions to your test.

Search by standards to find questions to add to your test

  1. Change the 'Standards' drop-down menu to choose your state or Common Core standards.
  2. Change the 'Course' drop-down menu to choose the course you teach.
  3. Click 'search' next to a standard to search for items

Add questions and save test

  1. Click the 'Add this item to test' button below items to add them to your test.
  2. Click the 'Change standard' button if you'd like to search on a new standard.
  3. Click the 'Close' button to make changes to your test, then be sure to save your test

Find your tests

Find your tests