Review your classes

To print scanforms for tests, we look at the subject and grade of the test and pull all students scheduled in a class with the same subject and grade. For example, if a test has a subject and grade of MA:03, scanforms will print for all students scheduled in a class that has a subject and grade of MA:03.

  1. Click the 'classes' tab.
  2. Remove any text in the 'search' box.
  3. Set the drop-down menus in the top right corner to show:  
    • Find classes I teach
    • For any subject
    • For any grade
  4. Note the subject and grade of your class or classes. 
  5. If no classes appear you need to add your classes here: classes->add your classes.

Adjust the subject and grade of a test

  1. After clicking the 'Edit' button on the test search page, click the pencil icon to adjust the subject and grade of the test.

Print scanforms

  1. Find the test you need scanforms for and click the "Print scan forms" button on the report.

Scanform Pointers

To assure scanforms are processed properly, please observe the following:

  • Make sure your scanner is clean and your printer has a fresh ink cartridge.
  •  Scan forms MUST be scanned with the size setting of 'Letter' (8.5" x 11"). 
  • Grayscale works best because color scanning generates really large file which may take awhile to send through your email system. 
  • Your scanner should be set to at least 200 DPI.
  • The barcodes and three orientation circles are necessary and must be unaltered and clear when sent to us, encourage students to leave them alone completely.
  • Bubbles must be filled in completely. 
  • Checks, Xs, or incomplete circles may not be read. 
  • Multiple bubbles for one question will not be read. 
  • If multiple marks are detected then the answer will not be scored at all (same scoring as skipping a question).

Email Scanforms

Email your completed scan forms to

Many all-in-one scanners/copiers/printers have a scan-to-email function that will scan directly to automating the process in your schools. You do not need to purchase any additional scanning software.

You can also scan in all the scanforms and save them as a pdf (or JPG) and attach the pdf to an email and send the email to

Triand will automatically grade the scansheets within minutes of receiving the email at 

View the report to see students' scores.

FTP Scanforms

If your school/district has a limit to how big emails can be that are sent, you may want to FTP your scanforms.

You can anonymously FTP your scan forms to: 

Your initial login directory should be: ~triand/scans/

Every three minutes we pull all files in this directory and process them as if you had emailed them directly to