A video tutorial available here. 

XML Transcripts

XML Transcripts allows your developers to pull XML transcripts for your organization.

Enabling API Access

  1. You must be subscribed to the District plan. You can check your plan by visiting your account page.
  2. Click 'Create an API key' to enable API access.You will immediately receive an API key:

Requesting XML Transcripts

Request using student State-ID: https://my.triand.com/students/stateid/nnnnnnnnn.xml (nnnnnnnnn is the State-ID).

You will receive one of the following http response codes:

  • 404 - could not find the student
  • 403 - you are not authorized to access this record
  • 302 - assemblying transcript, please retry in 30 seconds
  • 202 - assemblying transcript, please retry in 30 seconds
  • 200 - xml transcript is in response body


Always use SSL.You must pass your login credentials (basic auth)

A video tutorial available here.