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7th Grade Mathematics

Angela Fritzgerald Aug 27, 2012 01:46PM CDT

Where is the page that allows me to make an answer key? I cannot seem to locate it.

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Britt Windler Aug 27, 2012 03:12PM CDT

To print a test’s answer key, you’ll click the “edit” button on a test on this page: and then scroll all the way to the end of the test to view the answer key.

If you want to create an answer key test, you’ll do the following steps:
- Create a new test and click the “add another item” button
- From the top drop-down menu choose “create a new item”.
- Continue to do this until you have the correct number of items needed for your answer key test
- Click the “close” button to view your test.
- Double click on any item to set it’s standard and correct answer
- Continue to do this for all items
- Click the “save” button when you have finished creating the test.


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