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Answer key versus scan sheet

Angela Fritzgerald Apr 24, 2012 03:18PM CDT

The answer key only has multiple choice options A-E. The scan sheet has optios odd items A-E and even use F-K. My state practice test uses The multiple choice options of the scan sheets. If I use that option, will the answer key only score letters A-E, or is it scoring the corresponding position of the letters? I don't want to print the scan sheet with alternating letters and it only scores A-E.

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Britt Windler Apr 24, 2012 04:44PM CDT

You designate whether you want your scanforms/tests to print with the F-K option or leave it as A-E by going to the ‘report’ area and setting the ‘Answer’ drop-down in the ‘Details’ area. If you leave that area alone, your scanforms/tests will always print with A-E as answer options.

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