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tracking student data

Gary Baltzell Feb 25, 2012 06:19AM CST

If we wanted to track individual student growth data(to compare mastery of individual standards over an entire year) is that possible? Would we have access to raw data? Could we still follow student progress when students change teachers from semester to semester? We would like to have the ability to show per standard results per student as well as class results per standard/question. If we created questions and put standards with them, does that data track in your system?

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Britt Windler Feb 27, 2012 09:57AM CST

Triand’s reports do show per standard results per student, class, teacher, school and district. If you created questions and aligned standards to the questions, Triand will track the performance of students by standard.

Once students are tested, the reports showing standard performance (and all other reports) are available via Excel and PDF export so you can manipulate the data as you wish within Excel.

Triand’s reports show the students’ understanding of standards at the time the test is taken. School-wide users (principals, testing coordinators, etc.) will be able to refer back to past reports to see student performance regardless of whether that student has had a schedule change or not.

To see an example of what the reports look like, scroll down on this page: and click through the report.

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