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Grading student answers/scanforms

Last Updated: Sep 06, 2013 10:41AM CDT

Grading multiple choice answers

Send scanforms to by using your scanners "scan-to-email" function or by attaching the scanforms to an email and sending to
Within seconds, your students' scores will be available on the test's report's page

Grading open response questions

Grade the student's response on your own and then send in the scanform like normal to
Once we've received the scanform you'll be able to enter the item's score into the report itself
View the report and click the "My Students" button, this will show you all your students’ scores.
Click on a student’s open response box to type in their score, you'll be able to enter in scores up to the maximum amount of points allowed for the particular question, the open response scores will be calculated into the overall scores overnight.