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3 Steps: Create Rosters, Print Scanforms, View Reports

Last Updated: Sep 06, 2013 10:41AM CDT

Create Rosters

Click the 'classes' tab
Click the 'add your classes' button
Follow the directions on the page

Print scanforms

Find the test you need scanforms for and click the "Print scan forms" button on the report
Note: If you get this message, 'Could not generate scan forms because you do not teach a class', you need to review your classes and view the subject and grade of your class then adjust your tests to have the same subject and grade.
After you print scanforms and the students have filled them, email the scanforms to
Note: Before your first assessment and scanning with your students, make sure to do a test run of creating a sample test, printing it's scanforms and e-mailing them to, and viewing it's reports to ensure you understand the process and your scanforms are flowing in correctly.

View Reports

Click "view" on the report icon that you want to view
Click the green buttons to change the view
Within the report, click the district's name, school name, teacher name, and class name to view the student list
Note: If your scores aren't showing up on your report after you send them in, check out theseScanform Pointers.